31 July 2009

Sounds of the last century?

This week's edition of House Music Friday proves that sounds don't need to be particularly "old" to be "vintage"...

So, I got very much into the Deep House back right back around the turn of the century (love saying that because it sounds so weird) when Naked Music started dropping all of their classic bombs... the most pristinely produced, sexy, melodic vocal House biznezz ever put on wax... but these days, a mere decade later (don't love saying that as much because it makes me feel old as fuck) there aren't too many people laying down that same style. It's all minimal this and fidget that, ya know? Who makes true Deep House anymore? Well I've found at least one act that's carrying the torch in truly excellent fashion, the Swedish duo known as Physics. Yep, these guys pretty much nail it. Vocals by this gal, who's kinda creepy looking...

Physics - When It Breaks (ysi)

And thus concludes another week of whatever the hell it is we do around here. Put that in your pipe, smoke it, and have a great weekend!

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