27 July 2009

Band - Singer = Pffft. Except for this song the band did without the singer.

Happy Monday, folks. How was that weekend? Get that gardening done? Do a little painting 'round the house? Productive much? Nah, you just drank some Steel Reserves and watched pro wrestling like always, didn't you?

Once again, I find myself a to be a bit shocked to discover I've never blogged on a certain band, and this time that band is Morcheeba, possibly the best of all of the Trip-Hop acts of the late '90s... until they committed the ultimate bonehead play of kicking their amazing singer out of the band (see Pimps, Sneaker)... and then nobody cared anymore. It's gotten so bad for the brothers Godfrey (the pasty guys in the band, not that anyone cares) that they have taken to soliciting for singers on their Myspace. Actually they're probably just trolling for a few Handy J's, but still, the point stands. Anyhoo, after all this talk about singers, here's an instrumental rarity from the "Shoulder Holster" 2-disc single, because that makes sense...

Morcheeba - Ray Payola (Curly Wurly Mix) (ysi)

But really guys... Myspace? Unless you're looking for they type of singer who also tried out for one of those VH-1 I Wanna Bang The Singer Of Skid Row On His Tour Bus type shows, I don't think that's the way to go....

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