14 May 2010

In which I rock your ass for one hour...

Just a couple of short months ago, the Tonegents Musical Thingamajig and Discount Waffle Buffet enjoyed it's third anniversary on the World Wide Intrawebs. Unfortunately we were in the middle of the big Coachella kerfuffle and the occasion was not properly celebrated. FOR SHAME! Also, it's House Music Friday. So put that together and you get...

Tonegent presents "The Jack That House Built

(Silky Smooth DJ Mix - 62:15 - 142.5Mb @ 320kps)

1) Joey Youngman - Ghetto Blaster
2) James Curd ft. J-Dub - You Know What To Do (Derrick Carter Dub Mix)
3) Jay West - Easy Comes
4) Jason Hodges - Shake It
5) Fred Everything - Stay (Lawnchair Generals Mix)
6) DJ Spen - Funk At Midnight
7) DJ Sneak - Salsa Elektrika (Chuck Daniels Salsa Esqueroso Remix)
8) Chuck Love - Bongos N' Shit
9) Soul Avengerz - Enjoy Yourself
10) Faze Action - Disco Warrior
11) Frequent Fliers - Vamos A Disco

You know, I have heard that House Music is 20% more effective when applied directly to the boobies... so enjoy!

(And despite what Glenn Beck says, you will NOT be indoctrinated, taxed, or put in front of a death panel for leaving a comment...)


Anonymous said...

I needed this today. Thanks Tone!!!! My ass is ROCKIN'

Tonegent said...

You are most welcome! :)