24 May 2010

What do you think I should call this one?

When my boy Danger Mouse invented the album-length Mash-Up with The Grey Album, I'll bet he had no idea what he'd started. Everyone's got a cheeky idea... "I know, lets do The Dead Milkmen vs. P. Diddy! The Did Milkmen! Get it?" Gah. But every now and them some talented fool comes up with a good one...

Like for instance this here project by a British producer known as Bullion. He takes snippets from the Beach Boys' masterpiece and weaves them into Dilla's beats like a pro, and... well, not a hell of a lot more to say... that's what happens, and here's one now...

Bullion - Don't Talk (ysi)

(Due to the nature of this project, it is readily available for guilt-free download on the World Wide Intrawebs. GO GET YOU SOME!)

Okay, I'm gonna go open up Ableton Live and get to work on that Did Milkmen record. Shit is gonna be TIGHT, yo!

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