25 May 2010

Legends of Los Angeles

The measurement of just how big a group really is/was is really pretty subjective when you think about it...

L.A.'s Freestyle Fellowship are one of those groups that are either legendary or completely unknown, depending on who you hang out with. In other words, they were very influential to a very small group... that group being the headz who loves their Hip-Hop jazzy. And live on the West Coast. And were into Hip-Hop in the early '90s. But yeah, they are HUGE to that guy, and for good reason. Busting out from L.A.'s famous Project Blowed collective, they put together a couple of indisputably classic albums. Like "best of the decade" style. Dig this heat...

Freestyle Fellowship - Everything's Everything (ysi)

All joking aside, this really is great stuff and you're an idiot to think otherwise. Okay, maybe not ALL joking aside. Kisses!

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