27 May 2010

Music to not do a hell of a lot to

Time to slow it down with some soothing sounds. You are listening to Smooooooooth 102 on your AM dial...

... but I kid. Although this is definitely about as far away from yesterday's tune as you can get. I mean, there's even an accordion and shit. It's new on Gilles Peterson's Brownswood imprint and it's called Half Seas Over. Elan Mehler is a Jazz pianist and Adam McBride Smith is the dreaded "singer-songwriter", and a countrified one at that. Doesn't sound terribly promising, but somehow they make it work quite nicely. Basically you got some acoustic instrumentation, a dude that kinda sounds a little like James Taylor, and some Soul Jazz underpinnings to give it a little extra spice. And did I mention it has some accordion?

Half Seas Over - Sad Mona (ysi)

A bit easy listening, but that's what a Sunday morning (to give you one recommended usage) is for. Back to buzzin' synths and slammin' beats tomorrow... :P

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