17 December 2008

The Chairman of the Board

A good live album can take you back to the time and place where it was performed. Here's one that certainly delivers...

Frank Sinatra was undoubtedly one of the coolest motherfuckers ever to walk the face of the Earth. I don't think anyone in their right mind can possibly debate that. Crazy people can debate it all they like... with their imaginary friend or perhaps with a shoe... but we don't listen to crazy people around here. I mean... the music, the movies, the women, the mob, Vegas... oh, and did I mention he was apparently the first guy to sign Jimi Hendrix?!?! Can you think of any other guy that, as a guy, you'd like to trade places with for a few days? Just to see what it was like to be him? Clooney's got nothin' on the Chairman, sorry. That said, I'm not a massive Sinatra music head. But this live set, which a friend tipped me off about recently, might be the single best thing to have if you only need one Sinatra thing (wow, that sentence wasn't confusing at all...) It's got all the classics, backed by the Count Basie Orchestra with Quincy Jones on arrangements. Can anyone say Dream Team?


But possibly the best thing about Sinatra At The Sands is the really hacky comedy bits he does between songs (not to mention one CLASSICLY hokey dramatic monologue). That stuff is the kicker, the thing that makes you feel like you were there... drinking a scotch and smoking a stogie indoors... with a broad you just picked up at the blackjack table sitting next to you... not worrying for the moment how you're going to slip out of town before Moe Greene finds out that you ripped him off and has your legs broken... Vegas, baby!

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