12 December 2008

That's my (peppermint) jam!

This edition of House Music Friday (now 15% Housier!) presents a record that I have been looking for in zeroes-and-ones form for quite some time...

And that record is pretty much the only one MKL vs. Soy Sos put out, although they did do an album together under the name 3 Generations Walking that is borderline amazing. But that one is not House, so this was their "House moniker". Because why would we want to know that anyone had an actual body of work to consider? But whatevs. This one is on German label Peppermint Jam, which is one you should write down, and the remix is courtesy of Matthias Heilbronn, who you can call Matty. This is one of those that, I don't know how big it was for everyone else, but this record was big in the circles I ran in when it came out... because it's gooooooooood...

MKL ft. Soy Sos - Her Song (Matty's Flower Mix) (ysi)

Buy it straight from the label.

Actually, if anyone has seen any other Peppermint Jam records out there in non-vinyl form, let me know where they're at... they're hard little fuckers to track down. Oh, and have a great weekend!

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