06 March 2009

Blog-achella 09: Tex-Mex Sabor!

A special announcement to start this Friday... Terrell Owens has been signed for the 2010 season by the Tonegents flag football team, The Pork Barrel Pirates, for $12 and a bag of Doritos. The Pirates feel he will greatly improve their league-worst passing game... In other Coachella news...

We're going to skip over The Bob Mould Band, although it's worth a listen. Dude was the singer of Husker Du after all, and has had some good solo moments as well. Honestly, the new stuff sounds like R.E.M., so I'm not sure what to make of that. Meh.

And then we have Liars, who are proof again (Deerhoof, I look in your direction) that Radiohead, no matter their brilliance, often make lousy choices in opening bands. I'll forgive 'em, though, but seriously... someone good next time, pretty please?

And we end the week with my choice for the Sundown set...


Who they are: A band from Arizona that I was going to say reminded me of the rather obscure act Friends of Dean Martinez until I read their Wiki and found out that they were in fact Friends of Dean Martinez. Damn, I'm good!

What they sound like:
Not so much Country as Western, if ya catch my drift. A Tex-Mex flavor, if you will. Very laid back... music that sounds like the desert...

Calexico - Victor Jara's Hands (ysi)

What I think:
Like I said, how about this for Sundown? Especially if they go with the full Mariachi fandango like so...

Put that in yer guacamole and smoke it. Have a great weekend!

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