01 June 2009

In which I make a painful admission...

So apparently Eminem got some Sacha Baron Cohen balls in the face at the MTV Awards last night. The disturbing thing about this news item... the MTV Awards were last night? I had no idea. None. I mean, as a fan of good music I have no reason to care about the MTV Awards, but damn, I am officially out of touch... there, I said it.

... so I guess I'll just do what I do and post a record from 1969. This Ralfi Pagan cat apparently made a name for himself as a "sensitive Latin lover"-type... and with a voice as weird and high as his, I'm guessing "sensitive" was a good way to go. I'm just sayin', dude was no Barry White. Unsurprisingly, most of the stuff on this record is a little on the slow, sappy side, but there are a couple of burners on here that make it worth your attention. Like this...

Ralfi Pagan - Latin Soul (ysi)

Ralfi also earns bonus points for being murdered under mysterious circumstances. What?

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