29 May 2009


As you may recall, in last week's House Music Friday we experienced Accordion House... so it only makes sense to take it one step further this week... to Banjo House!

Yes, it's the perfect mix of glowsticks and Deliverance, which means I can only be talking about one song, The Grid's classic, dare I say Pantheon-level track, "Swamp Thing". For those of you who don't know... who think I'm being facetious or something... I swear to you this really is one of the best songs ever. And if you disagree, I will smash a banjo over your cranium...

The Grid - Swamp Thing (Southern Comfort Mix) (ysi)

I know, I know... violence is wrong... unless it is against a cast member of "The Hills", in which case it should be encouraged and handsomely rewarded. So just forget I said that and have a fantastic weekend...

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