29 June 2009

Who's on Nacho Patrol?

Okay, so I believe we can all agree that Michael Jackson is dead and move on with our lives, right? Good.

Danny Wolfers is one prolific Dutch dude. His most common alias is Legowelt, but his most excellent is Nacho Patrol. That name rules. Wish I'd thought of it. Anyhoo, this record is a weird combination of House and Mulatu-like Ethio-Jazz vibes and it fucking rules, even though I'm not sure you could dance to it. I like to listen to it and imagine an group of cartoon African tribesmen traveling the galaxy in a rickety homemade spacecraft having amusing adventures. If only I knew animation so I could make that video...

Nacho Patrol - Africaspaceprogram (ysi)

This one's out on the also Dutch label Kindred Spirits, which I highly recommend for the Soul Jazz headz, so get on it. Lates.

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