03 August 2009

That's Edutainment

Hey it's Monday! Shit.

I suppose that posting on Boogie Down Productions would give me yet another chance to rail on about how Hip-Hop sucks these days... but I don't need to do that. Just listen to the radio. Anyhoo, BDP was certainly a bit of an eye-opener for a small-town white boy like yours truly when I first heard it. Lyrically, KRS-One, well... he was on a bit more serious tip than the other folks I was listening to at the time, people like LL Cool J... LL needed love, Kris Parker needed to stick his foot up Whitey's ass. Thing was, KRS's lyrics were so good, they made me want to stick my foot up Whitey's ass, too... which was indeed a very confusing state of affairs...

Boogie Down Productions - Why Is That? (ysi)

So yes, this is what I was listening to while my classmates were rocking Bon Jovi on the bus. Explains a lot, eh?

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