05 November 2007

In which I promise not to complain too much about current Hip-Hop...

... because what's the point. I'm just gonna bring you some Old school, New York style... it don't get any better!

To think there are kids out there these days who claim to like Hip-Hop who have never heard of the Native Tongues crew... for shame! And while Black Sheep may not have been the clean-up hitters on that roster, they certainly knocked it out of the park with their debut album. (Thus conclude the baseball metaphors). Of course the big hit was "The Choice Is Yours", but you don't need me to remind you of that. Nope, instead you get an album track, but one with a guest spot by Q-Tip... because of course there's a guest spot by Q-Tip! There's always a guest spot by Q-Tip! It's in the contract!

Black Sheep - La Menage (ysi)

They just don't do sex raps like they used to, do they? Peace!


david said...

you always bring the realness. I love it.


Aidan said...

Good album this. I was a nipper when this came out but I'm up to speed now. I couldn't be a hip hop fan withotu always trying to listen to what laid the foundations for where we are now.