26 November 2007

NOLA, the next generation

Okay, I'm hoping you've slept off all that turkey and booze (Americans) or other food and booze (Europeans) or just plain booze (Drunks), because it's time to start another week of blog-tastic love (huh?)...

If you're going to start a funk band, it's a very good idea to be from New Orleans, just ask Galactic. They are from New Orleans, and their funk band is quite successful, proving my theory to be 100% rock-solid. Now, these days they're messing about with the Hip-Hop a bit, and are sometimes grouped into the "jam band" category, one that makes my skin crawl with thoughts of dirty, spinning hippies. I'm not sure the "jam band" thing really applies, but if you have white guys in your band and embrace the funk it seems almost unavoidable... sigh... anyhoo, this record is from a decade ago, before all that, when their sound was pure, unadulterated NOLA funk, naturally the period of theirs that I prefer...

Galactic - Funky Bird (ysi)

Notice how they even threw a bit of "Manteca" in there? Bonus points!

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