01 November 2007

Don't call him Joe

Time for some baby-makin' music...

Keyboardist and singer Amp Fiddler is a true veteran of the music game... he's played with everyone from Prince to Primal Scream, George Clinton to J Dilla... but his name really only become known in the last few years - after he released his first solo album, Waltz of the Ghetto Fly, a little while back... one of the best albums ever in the Neo-Soul vibe. Now his second record has finally come out in the states after a lengthy delay, and it's just as good. Considering the guy's extensive steez, one should not be surprised... and check it out, I've used the word "steez" twice in one week. Is that good or bad? I guess it doesn't matter. What matters is that you get Amped right now...

Amp Fiddler - Faith (ysi)

I've caught this guy live on a couple occasions and he puts on a heck of a party... and I feel like I say this a lot (much like "steez"), but for crap's sake, why isn't this guy huge? (Shakes fist)

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