29 November 2007

Pasty British dude #126

Music so good you could eat it today, if you could actually eat music... which you can't...

Flight 602 is the latest album from Mr. Andy Turner, aka Aim. He's been turning out really good music for years, and this is no exception. Yummy, warm downtempo treats. Kinda like s'mores, but you can't eat 'em. Well, I guess you could try to eat a CD or record if you wanted to, but I doubt it would taste too good, no matter how much Tapatio you put on it. Mmm... Tapatio... but I digress. That's what I do when I don't have a whole lot of information about an artist. If I didn't digress sometimes, probably 70% of these posts would read something like, "now here's another faceless but most assuredly pasty British dude that makes good music"... and that would probably get kinda boring after awhile, no? Anyhoo, enjoy the sounds of Aim...

Aim - Walking Home Through The Park (ysi)

Dude used to use a lot of rappers on his tracks, but this new album doesn't have so much of that... so hey, there's a tidbit for ya! I know. I'll try harder tomorrow... :P

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