14 November 2008

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Hoo-hah House Music Friday Hey-hey Ho-HO!

I think you know where this is going... just a nice little in-the -pocket track by Onionz & Master D. on Bristol's NRK Records. Now, just to get this off my chest... "Master D", dude? That's the best you can do? Master Freakin' D? Man, it musta taken you months to come up with that one. But here's the fucked up part... dudes name doesn't even begin with "D". WTF?!? Just awful all around... the name, not the song. The song is fine... chunky and funky, you would definitely hear this jam in Frisco. Just don't call it Frisco when you're up there. They hate that...

Onionz & Master D - A Night In Frisco (ysi)

Buy link is for a lovely CD compilation that has this song, along with many others. Well, of course it would have others, or else it would just be a single. Can you tell I got nothin' today? I'll just go...

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