11 November 2008

Introducing... Monkey Thunder!

What's in a name? Not always a heck of a lot...

If you actually read this blog and just don't immediately grab the daily tune without paying heed to my pointless ramblings (and I'm guessing there may be two to three of you who do... nah, who am I kidding? I don't even read this shit), you know that I love me a good band name. That'll get ya in the door with me every time. But todays' act, Herrmann & Kleine... that sounds like a fine jeweler or perhaps an accounting firm. Seriously, if you're looking at two CDs and you don't know what they sound like, one by (let's make up a cool name) someone called Monkey Thunder and one by Herrmann & Kleine, which one are you gonna listen to first? Monkey Thunder every time. But it is my duty here to look past such superficialities and see that Our Noise is not in fact a Rock'n'Polka album, but rather was put out by Morr Music, a label with quite a nice track record in leftfield electronic goodness, and is in fact some very groovy chilled-out stuff... you're welcome...

Herrmann & Kleine - Headlights (ysi)

Simple but effective. Very pretty record. By the way, don't go trying to steal Monkey Thunder for a band name... that one is all mine, people!

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