20 November 2008

Lotsa Dick Jokes Today

As a matter of fact I'm going to apologize for this post and recommend you don't read it right off the top... just grab the music and skip to the bottom. Seriously, it's probably for the best...

Oh well, if you insist. So it turns out that Micko Westmoreland, who recorded as The Bowling Green did soundtracks for gay porn before he put this record out... which naturally led me to come up with gay porn names for current bands. Why, with just a glance at last year's Coachella poster, I was able to come up with such gems as Man-anal Collective, Tilly & My Balls and I'm From Barcelona And I Love Big Black Cock In The Ass... aaaaaaand I'll just stop there. You're welcome. Anyhoo, this one came out on Trent Reznor's Nothing label (Nine Inch (insert word of choice for "penis" here)), and kinda sounds like the Drum & Bass stylings of Squarepusher (never mind, I'll get in too much trouble) on this one...

The Bowling Green - Think What You're Doing (ysi)

For those of you wise enough to heed my opening warning, good work. Trust me, you didn't miss anything. For the others... hey, I warned you.

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