04 February 2009

Blog-achella 09: Flip the Switch

Hey look, it's the first Blog-achella post where I don't have to gloss over anyone. Don't get used to it... :P


Who he is: One Mr. Dave Taylor of Essex. Not a handsome man. Kinda looks like an extra from a Guy Ritchie film, no?

What he sounds like: Switch has been expanding his sound lately in a couple of different ways. He did some work on the Santogold record, which is good, but he's kinda veered into the Obnoxio-House sound lately, which is somewhat unfortunate... but his music is better than a great deal of that fidgety crap, so don't be too scared, because when he hits on a good one, he hits hard...

Switch - Get Ya Dub On (ysi)

What I think: Hard to tell... depends how obnoxious he wants to get. I will put Switch into the "worth a look" category... but with potential for being very good. Or sucking balls. Could go either way, really. Now, a live Youtubes even less impressive than yesterday's...

I said I'd give you live vids... I didn't say I give you good ones. I can only work with what's out there, kids...

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