10 February 2009

Blog-achella 09: Join our (Tango) club

Who would have thought that the act I'm most interesting in seeing on Friday at Coachella has a serious connection to Brokeback Mountain?


Who they are: A group of musicians from Argentina and Uruguay, led by two-time Oscar-winning composer Gustavo Santaolalla... how's that for some street cred? Who you got who can roll like that, Animal Collective? Well? I'm waiting...

What they sound like:
They actually sound quite a lot like Gotan Project, which is of course a good thing. It's the same basic mix of Tango and Electronica (Tango-tronica!), but if anything, these guys are a bit tougher with the beats than the Gotans...

Bajofondo - Infiltrado (ysi)

What I think: Easily my #1 pick of the entire Friday lineup. Miss this for some Indie Rock band and you have no soul. And probably haven't been laid in years. And probably spend way to much time on the Coachella message boards. I'm just sayin'...

See, told you I'd have a band with real musicians and instruments for ya. No laptop monkey, I!

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