13 April 2009

Blog-achella 09: Bring the Noise!

Well hello there. Here we are, the week of the big show. I got a few more acts I definitely want to get to, so there's no use beating up Billy Bush... let's get to it...

Public Enemy

Who they are:
The erudite Chuck D. and the functionally retarded, reality show hoochie-loving Flava Flav. Did you know Flav just turned 50? Wow.

What they sound like: They sound like they will whoop your white ass, cracka! I think it's best if we all just agree that the last couple Public Enemy albums never happened, don't you? Good. So once again, I'll go to the way-back machine and pull out a 22-year-old jammy for you that still sounds hot as ever...

(DMCA'd one year later? Flava Flav must be having trouble with some child support payments...)

What I think: Unfortunately, I've never seen Public Enemy live, so I'm excited to see even the fifty-year-old version. And if you check out this recent YouTube, it seems like they're still perfectly capable of stirrin' up some black rage...

Yeah, boyeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!

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