22 April 2009

His fadda head a little small too

So, while I was posting all those Coachella bands, I was of course listening to a whole lot of other music as well... and here's one of my favorite recent finds...

I guess the best way to describe Anthony Joseph would be to say that he's a British equivalent of Saul Williams... a spoken word artist with some killer grooves behind him. And while I'm not sure exactly what's going on with Saul lately what with his hanging out with Trent Reznor and recording U2 covers and whatnot, Mr. Joseph is more than ready to hop on in there and be awesome in his stead. The thing that I really love about this is how ridiculously raw everything sounds... distorted guitar, rickety drum kit, skronky sax and the man's voice itself. The whole record sounds like it crawled out of a bayou swamp somewhere... it's just covered with a layer of muck. This is a good thing...

Anthony Joseph & The Spasm Band - Bird Head Son (ysi)

But nope, no bayou here... they're British. I guess we shouldn't even be surprised by that any more... if it's not boring Indie Rock or bad commercial Rap, that is. Oh, and check out his blog, too, for poetry and other writings... dude's going to have Dr. in front of his name before long, so you know he's got some interesting things to say... unlike me... :P

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