17 April 2009

A Welcome Return To Form

Hey all... well, thank goodness that Blog-achella business is over. I mean, I enjoy doing it and I know there are people that enjoy reading it... but it's time to get back to what Tonegents is about... inflicting my music library upon the unsuspecting Interwebs, one randomly selected tune at a time. And hey, it's House Music Friday!

Here's a record that's one of those records... you know the ones... you hear someone play it at a house party, forget to trainspot it, then spend years wishing you had, because you don't even know what you're looking for... until finally you stumble upon it unknowingly... then you let out a WOOOT! Soul Avengerz are two of the pastiest, whitest, British-est blokes you will ever lay eyes on. Plus they are old and pudgy to boot. But they know how to throw down with a classic sample... I'm not even gonna say who from, because the DMCA dudes tend to jump all over my narrow butt when a certain name is mentioned 'round here. Trust me though, it's not terribly obscure...

Soul Avengerz - Enjoy Yourself (ysi)

I guess it's shooting fish in a barrel to sample that, but they did a good job, didn't they? "Woot!" indeed... have a great weekend!

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