13 August 2009

A new flavor of Juice

You know what makes any day better? An Oran "Juice" Jones cover!

And this one comes courtesy of David Byrne's World Music label Luaka Bop and Brazilian-flavored NYC band Si*Se. Oh, and also British producers Funky Lowlives. All sorts of folks involved. And it's the kind of cover you gotta love... one that takes the original in new and unexpected directions...

Si*Se - The Rain (Funky Lowlives Remix) (ysi)

I think I might even like that better than the original... let's check the YouTubes... oh, wait... Universal Music Group "disabled embedding". That is some bullshit. In that case, I definitely like this one better. See what happens, major record labels? You don't just shoot yourselves in the foot, you shoot your legs clean off...

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