28 October 2009

In praise of Ramshacklelacrity

Super-obscure Afro-Funk? You got it!

Like Mr. Burns, I'm a big fan of old-timey sayings and words. Like "ramshackle". What an awesome word that nobody ever uses. But it's a word that describes a quality of African Funk that I've decided is one of the reasons I'm so into it. Some of these recordings are pretty darn ramshackle. These people weren't glossy pros working in fancy studios with all sorts of high-falutin' doo-dads and thingamajigs. They didn't have the luxury of digital editing, mulitrack flim-flammery and other assorted studio witchcraft. Nope, they just had their band, maybe one mic and one of them recording doohickeys. They went in, they played their song and Bob's yer uncle. But the rawness, the RAMSHACKLENESS of these recordings is what makes them so pure and raw and awesome... and funky as all git out. Like this joint by lesser known Nigerian artist Segun Bucknor. Dig it...

Segun Bucknor - Dye Dye (ysi)

Pretty much played live, ya know? Imperfections all over the place, ya dig? And quite amazing, ya heard?

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