26 October 2009

Return of the Crank

So yeah, I took another week off without mentioning it beforehand. Sorry 'bout that. Let's just forget it ever happened, 'kay?

(I hope no one sees me eating this hot dog while blogging... mmmmmm, mustard...)

Some people refer to Chicago band Tortoise "post-rock", but that is about the single stupidest term for a made-up genre of music that I have ever heard. Seriously, what the fuck is that supposed to mean? "After" Rock? Then that would encompass, I dunno, everything that came after Rock, except that we still have Rock, so how can there be a "post" yet. Seriously, don't ever use that term around me. I'll cut you. I'll cut you bad. Anyhoo, Tortoise are a bit unclassifiable... and there's nothing wrong with that. They play instrumental stuff, some of which is more Rock-y and some of which is more funky. We, of course, like them best when they are funky. To wit...

Tortoise - Gigantes (ysi)

See, I always come back good 'n' ornery after a week off. I'll just throw in a "Fuck Animal Collective" while I'm at it. That always feels good...

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