01 March 2010

Blog-achella X: America is apparently not a-Muse-d

Does it somewhat chap my Virgo ass that I didn't get Saturday's lineup tied up in a nice little bow on Friday, so that I could start Sunday today on Monday? You bet it does. And you bet reading that sentence back to myself almost made my head explode. But what's done is done, so here is your Saturday headliner...


Who they are: One of the biggest bands in the world to not actually sell that many records here in the U.S... they are one that we, as a nation, apparently do not get. Although I did know this lame-ass groupie chick once whose main claim to fame was that she porked the singer, and she was quite proud of it... so there's that. But really, how come no Coldplay-like sales?

What they sound like: That's a good question, and probably why America's Nickelback and T-Pain loving masses have no time for 'em. Muse are pretty damn weird when you get down to it. Very unpredictable. Half the time, it's this epic, Queen-esque Prog Rock... and then they drop something like this...

Muse - Undisclosed Desires (ysi)

What I think: So yeah, I'm not sure what to think about Muse, either... a lot of the time, they're a bit ponce-y for me, but I can't deny that when they hit on a good one it is very, very good. Bonus points for cool-as-fuck live setup...

Would I see 'em? Sure!

And that's Saturday... not as strong as Friday, if you ask me. And since you're reading my blog, I'm just gonna assume you did. Friday, actually, has gotten even better since we finished discussing it... I'll tell you how tomorrow. That's a strong tease, eh?

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