31 March 2010

Blog-achella X: Orbital Will Melt Your Face

What is the single greatest reason to go to Coachella this year? How about the single greatest electronic music act of all time? That good enough for ya?


Who they are: The single greatest electronic music act of all time, and if you disagree with that, I will fight you. They are the brothers Hartnoll... Phil is the one in front poncing about like a fairy while Paul is the one in the back doing all the work. These are clearly defined roles and we love them for it...

What they sound like: Like the single greatest electronic music act of all time. There's no point trying to pigeonhole Orbital into any genre, because they've tackled them all and had their way with them all like Tiger Woods with the nation's cocktail waitresses. Hard to pick a single tune, but here's one with Alison Goldfrapp on vocals that's always been a fave, and sometimes they even play it...

Orbital - Sad But True (ysi)

What I think: That they're the single greatest electronic music act of all time, but you probably figured that out by now. Miss them and know that your life will forever be less satisfying than it could have been had you only just followed my advice. Here's a tripleheader of reasons why...

Wouldn't it be cool if Orbital rocked it outdoors big-style? I think it's possible, what with Gorillaz being your main headliner and Richie Hawtin and his fancy-pants production maybe closing the Sahara Tent. After all, the Chemical Brothers rocked the big boy stage once upon a time... I dunno, I can dream. Anyhoo, to finish off this Orbital-palooza, here is what was their very last performance... at least until it wasn't anymore... Fuck. And. Yes.

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