04 June 2010

I am the Ambien Lover Man

House Music Friday is going Dub Techno on you today because Tone wears the big boy pants around here, pardner...

... and because I am feelin' this track today. Reminding me quite a bit of Pole... or perhaps even Akufen on Ambien... is this record by Kiwi dood Son.Sine and yes, that's the only link I can find. Obscure as all get out, this one. But what a groovy, mellow trip. Just put it on and drift for a while... wow, that kinda sounded like I'm the one on Ambien, didn't it?

Son.Sine - Upekah (ysi)

As a matter of fact, this record is so obscure I can't even find anywhere for you to go buy it, the label's out of business and everyone who's ever listened to it may in fact be dead. Okay, so I made that last one up. But the point stands. So enjoy guilt free and have a great weekend, kids...

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