22 June 2007

2X Kwel-ity

A bit of a break in form today, but hey, variety blah blah, spice of life blah blah blah whatever...

So Talib Kweli has got a new one coming out, but that would be so cliche of me to post something from that, and trust me, the blog-o-sphere has got that one covered quite well... Nope, instead I'm going to give you my two favorite Kweli joints, two of my favorite hip-hop singles of the Oughts, if you must know...

Talib Kweli - I Try (ft. Mary J. Blige)
Talib Kweli & Mary J. Blige - The Beautiful Struggle

Talib Kweli - Get By
Talib Kweli - Quality

And thus ends another week. Seems I'm gonna have a little more free time in the near future, so I promise I'll make the posts a little more interesting starting next week. Peace, and have a great one!

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