05 June 2007

The height of an era

Okay, so Paris has been in jail for over a day now and I've heard no reports of any salad tossing whatsoever. It appears our penal system is indeed broken :P

Breakbeat Era was a one-off album by Mr. Roni Size, DJ Die (of Reprazent) and vocalist Leonie Laws. And it may just be the best vocal Drum & Bass album that ever came out. Hell, it's probably the second best thing size ever put out with the exception of the massive New Forms. You know people have game when they can put out a freakin' side project that becomes remembered as a classic of its genre, eh? Even my boy Thom Yorke couldn't pull that one off (don't get me wrong, The Eraser is very good, but sorry... not classic). So here's the title track/first single, and it was, as they say in England, a corker...

Breakbeat Era - Ultra Obscene

Hellz yeah. And I managed to find a live performance (of a different song) on the YouTubes. You may notice Roni Size is nowhere to be found... I guess he decided to sit this one out and let the white people do their thing?

I get the feeling that the singer could beat up all three of those dudes at once... and would have definitely made Paris her bitch by now!

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