07 June 2007

My Booty Valentine

Finally, an excuse for some gratuitous sex around here!

Sometimes, when my shoes need a good gazin' at, I'll throw a little My Bloody Valentine on and make sure the footwear is sorted. Currently, I can tell you that I need a new pair of sneakers - the ones I have on are looking pretty beat up. I don't really feel the need to mope to the sound of squalling guitars that often, but it's nice to have this handy, just in case the need does happen to arise...

My Bloody Valentine - Off Your Face
My Bloody Valentine - Glider - EP

These guys are one of the most constantly fretted about bands on teh interwebs... are they getting back together, recording another album, blah blah blah... especially after leader Kevin Shields did some new tracks for the Lost In Translation soundtrack, something I only mention as a cheap excuse to post the greatest first shot in the history of cinema...

You had me at hello!

And I really can't top that, so see ya tomorrow.

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