08 June 2007

Is Paris fazed?

Wow, so with this circus of stupidity going on around Paris Hilton this morning, how about this bit of irony... the only person in this mess who isn't going to come out of it looking like a total douchebag... is Paris!!! Man, you gotta love L.A... on to the music!

We finish the week with a some nice deep house by British brothers Robin and Simon Lee, a.k.a. Faze Action. They were the cornerstone artist of the awesome but now unfortunately defunct Nuphonic Records, which was another one of those "buy with confidence, you don't even have to listen first" labels during their run. Faze Action brought the disco, but in a good way (no, really, there is a good way... I swear!), and this track is a smooth late-night groover...

Faze Action - Mas
Faze Action - Moving Cities

Go out and find all the Nuphonic stuff on the cheap in your local used bin. You'll thank me for it...

... off to sunny Newport Beach for one of my best friends' wedding this weekend, so you know I'll have a great one. Hope you do, too. Peace!

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