15 June 2007

Fly the funky skies

Let's end the week with a heavy hitter...

I really hate the term Acid Jazz, but this record falls squarely in the middle of said movement of the early 90s, although it's more in line soundwise with what the kids are calling Nu Jazz now... meaning it's not quite so dang cheesy. But whatever you call it, the Japanese crew United Future Organization are one of it's finest practitioners. And they're not even all kooky and weird like most Japanese artists. And I'll bet not one of their members has ever peed on anyone on a Japanese game show... Nope, all they do is make great dancefloor music, and this is one of their funkiest tracks ever, putting some Latin Piano riffing and scat singing over a tough little breakbeat... I love this track...

United Future Organization - United Future Airlines
United Future Organization - No Sound Is Too Taboo

If you can hunt down the CD maxi-single of this, it has some great remixes... but that shit is way out of print, super rare and commanding mucho dinero, so good luck with that ;)

And do you believe it's already time again to say "have a great weekend"? Well, it is. So do it, dammit!


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Beebs said...

Try "Bon Voyage" album - their last album. It'll blow your mindaway