11 June 2007

Life after Madchester

I guess we should file this under post-Baggy?

I think most people might agree that The Stone Roses had one of the best debut albums ever for a band that proceeded to do exactly jack squat from that moment on... but ya know what, lead singer Ian Brown has actually done some pretty decent solo work since the Roses called it quits. It's just that no one has really seemed to notice or care (much like Richard Ashcroft of The Verve). So here's a track from Browns second solo record, Golden Greats... and it kinda picks up on the sound where one would think the Roses may have headed, adding more electronics while keeping the same general vibe (and of course, voice)...

Ian Brown - Love Like A Fountain
Ian Brown - Golden Greats

I dunno, I like it. The whole album's a good listen... give 'er a go...

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