26 June 2007

So where's George and Brad?

Nowhere! And the Julia Roberts bit at the end of "Ocean's Twelve" was bloody horrible, guys, seriously... I'm almost holding out on seeing the new one because of it, that's how shit it was... what's this have to do with anything?

Here's what! I'm sure that most people, a.k.a. people who aren't hip enough to be down with the good music, a.k.a. folks who don't frequent the music blogs, a.k.a. boring people... may have heard of David Holmes only because of his work doing the scores for the "Ocean's 11/12/13" movies for his buddy Soderbergh (did I spell that right? ah, who gives a shit :P ). But we, the not-at-all-boring people, know that he's a much more accomplished dude than that, and we pat ourselves on the back for having such knowledge! Ha! But really, though, dude's been putting out fantastic music for the last decade, and here's a cut from "Bow Down To The Exit Sign", which is, um... one of his albums... featuring vocals from Martina Topley-Bird, who I'm sure if one more blogger refers to as "the girl who was on the Tricky albums" is going to cut someone with a big, sharp, serrated knife...

David Holmes - Outrun

Actually, I'm just informed that the Chinese acrobat guy played triangle on this song, so there's another connection...

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