12 June 2007

I ain't hatin'

The kings of the remix get remixed themselves...

It's gotta suck a little bit to have Jazzanova remix one of your tunes, because they will almost always make something even better than your original. Thanks a lot... dicks. I mean, both of the volumes of remixes they put out are just straight fire, first track to last! But what about when the tables are turned? Well, as we found out on Jazzanova Remixed, there can be some good results the other way, too. Here we have Tony Nwachukwu, perhaps best known for his alias Attica Blues, taking on a number from Jazzanova's In Between album featuring vocals from Mr. Vikter Duplaix and turning out a nice, smooth broken-beat version...

Jazzanova - That Night (Wah-Chu-Ku Remix)
Jazzanova - Remixed

It's been a while since we've had some new tunes from the Jazzanova boys, hasn't it? Get to work... cocks :P

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