20 August 2007

The Tonegents World Tour: Canada

Hey everybody, hope you had a great weekend... now let's get back on the proverbial road to continue the Tonegents World Tour with the #5 country in vistors to this blog:


Very appropriate, since I grew up on the Canadian border in Upstate New York. Used to cut over the border to go buy beer and go to clubs when I was 18. Good times! And here's some other things aboot Canada that are pretty cool, eh?

1) Canadian Beer - Twice as strong as American beer, which cuts the calories, eh? Get drunk and thin at the same time!
2) Hockey fights - the best part of the game! It's amazing how into hockey Canadians are... they even have hockey on the TV at the titty bars there!
3) Universal Healthcare - pick on the Canucks as much as you want, but they got us Yanks beat here.
4) Ice Road Truckers on the History Channel - one of the raddest shows ever.
5) Evangeline Lilly - 'nuff said

So, if you hosers know anything aboot the Great White North, you know there's really only one possible choice here, and that would be The Tragically Hip...

Quite simply put, The Hip are the Canadian band. I actually used to see them live quite often, as there were never any actual concerts on my side of the border, so if I ever wanted to see a concert I had to go to Canada, and The Hip actually play at every concert that takes place in Canada. They literally play approximately 15,000 shows a year, which is no easy feat. But are they any good, or is it just a Canuck thing? Their sound is pretty straightforward... but of course they're good, or I wouldn't post 'em, hosers!

The Tragically Hip - Courage (for Hugh McLennan)

Gotta get a little Rock in around here once in a while, eh? And no blog aboot Canada would be complete without these guys...

So take off, hosers!

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