24 August 2007

The Tonegents World Tour: Great Britain

The World Tour chugs on relentlessly, and this blog might even take you longer to read than Nicole Richie spent in prison! 35 minutes, people. And somehow she still came out with a prison tat and had discovered the teachings of Allah. But anyhoo, the #2 country for Tonegents vistors is the place where the best music is made, if you ask me:

Great Britain!

Yep, good ol' Blimey, where thank goodness the weather is so shitty, because it keeps all those talented folks cooped up inside their studios pumping out the good tunes. What else do we like about the U.K?

1) Monty Python - the funniest shit ever.
2) British slang - I don't know why, but I'm completely obsessed with it. Probably because its much more colorful than the friggin' ebonics we toss around in this country.
3) British music magazines - they make better music, they have better magazines, and they always have the dope free CDs attached to them. Ever see Spin or Rolling Stone do that? Nope... 'cuz they suck.
4) The Summer of Love - where the rave scene began!
5) Page 3 - 'nuff said.

And for music, well, in my opinion, you can't get any more British than The Streets...

I'm not a full-on convert to Mike Skinner's musical adventures, but when he hits on a good one, he hits on a good one, and I do love this song...

The Streets - Fit But You Know It

Headin' off to the chip shop. Cheers, mates.

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