10 August 2007

The weekend starts here!

It's Friday afternoon, you're getting ready to get the hell out of work and go throw down some pints, grab a bird and shake your moneymaker... here is some appropriate tunage...

Rick Preston is a not-too-well known Deep House producer from, of all places, Santa Cruz, California... home of a whole bunch of dirty hippies for the most part. Oh, and their university's sports teams are called the Fightin' Banana Slugs. No, really, they are. But hey, dude has some serious skills, and to release this record, he went all the way to sunny Scotland and the mighty (yet now tragically defunct) Glasgow Underground label. Just some really smooth, funky deep house... the weekend starts here!

Rick Preston - Ultrasuede

I can't even find a used copy of this compilation on Amazon, so I'll leave you to your own devices to track it down. G.U. put out 6 'of 'em and they're all quality... check your local bargain bin :P

Have a fantastic weekend!

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