23 August 2007

The Tonegents World Tour: Germany

I guess I'm sort of surprised that country #3 in Tonegents visitors is so high up the list, but considering the amount of good music that comes out of there, I guess I shouldn't be:


So grab yourself a big plate of Schnitzengruben and dig some cool German stuff:

1) The Nurburgring - always my favorite track in Project Gotham racing!
2) Oktoberfest - any holiday solely dedicated to drinking good beer out of 3 gallon containers is a holiday I wanna be a part of.
3) Their love for The Hoff - it knows no bounds! And if they hadn't adopted him so whole-heartedly, think of all the unintentional comedy that would have been lost... thank you, Germany. I thank you and The Hoff thanks you!
4) Run Lola Run - awesome flick.
5) Heidi Klum - very impressive how she remains so hot despite pumping out a kid a year with that Seal dude.

As I said, there is a hell of a lot of great music coming out of ol' Deutscheland, and since we've covered Jazzanova and Compost Records quite thoroughly, eet eez time for zee German Tekno... via electronic music elder statesman, Orb collaborator, and possessor of a very disturbing moustache, Thomas Fehlmann...

... representing the awesome Kompakt label... it's techno, but it's Orb-y, too... betcha didn't see that coming... got a neat change in the beat halfway through... a good trip...

Thomas Fehlmann - Superbock

Auf Wiedersehen!

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