14 August 2007

The Tonegents World Tour: The Netherlands

Continuing the tour today with the #9 country in terms of visits to Tonegents:

The Netherlands!

Yes, I'm about to put my finger in the dyke, and I'm not talking about Rosie O'Donnell. My top five things about The Netherlands would have to be...

1) The Cannabis Cup - pretty much self explanatory!
2) Those pointy wooden clog shoes - they go with any outfit.
3) The cool orange jerseys the football team wears - but I'm disappointed they don't play in the pointy wooden clog shoes.
4) Amsterdam - screw Disneyland, it's the real Happiest Place on Earth!
5) Famke Janssen - 'nuff said.

Now, as cool as the Dutch are, the music choices are a wee bit lacking, no offense. I mean, they created Gabber, for cryin' out loud! And yes, a number of your favorite superstar trance DJ twats are also from there. But I recently stumbled on a great act from The Netherlands called The Jazzinvaders...

Don't know much about these cats other than what you read in their bio, but I do know that they make killer dancefloor jazz, the kind of tunes that get caned by the likes of my man-crush Gilles P., and that's really the most important thing, ya dig...

The Jazzinvaders - Bonga Bonga Jazz

My recommendation to my Dutch friends... stick with this kind of thing, and throw Tiesto into a hole full of sharp pointy sticks and a cougar or two... just a thought...

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