17 August 2007

The Tonegents World Tour: Japan

Today we end week 1 of the Tonegents World Tour (oh, yeah, there's gonna be another one... are you bursting with anticipation yet?) with the #6 country in visitors to my little corner of the blogosphere:


Yup, the land of the rising sun is in the house, and there's plenty to like about the place:

1) Sushi - who knew raw fish was so damn yummy? The Japs, that's who! And just so I can be all cool and name drop, I was forced to eat my first piece of sushi by none other than comedian Patton Oswalt. Impressed? Me neither.
2) Game shows where people pee on each other - thanks to HBO "Real Sex" specials.
3) The electronics - I mean, they already have flying cars and transporters like in "Star Trek" over there, don't they? They make us Americans look like the lazy bastards we are!
4) Ninjas - the only guys close to as cool as pirates!
5) These gals - 'nuff said.

And the one thing about Japanese pop music... man, is it kooky! Towa Tei, Cornelius, Fantastic Plastic Machine... all very good, but all undeniably kooky, as are my official Japanese selection, Cibo Matto...

These gals had a unique mix of hip-hop and Japanese pop sensibilities, and they hung out with the Beastie Boys quite a bit... Sure, they were based in NYC, but they were very certainly Japanese, very certainly good and very certainly kooky as all hell. Don't believe me? Have a listen...

Cibo Matto - Know Your Chicken

I know my chicken, and sometimes I choke my chicken. Or is that too much information?

Anyhoo, have a great weekend!

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