31 October 2007

I vill suck your blood!

Boo! Scare ya? Didn't think so. Anyhoo, it's October 31, so it must be time for the obligatory (somewhat) Halloween-related song selection...

So I got up this morning and turned the TV on to some special about the true origins of Dracula on The History Channel, and found my Halloween inspiration. Turns out Vikram the Vampire is Dracula's Hindu cousin, and he works at the 7-11 on Centinela and Venice. Ba-dump-bump! Seriously, though, it is an actual story, and the full text of it can be found here, if you're into that whole "reading" thing that the kids are all doing these days. I'd never heard of it before, but it must be popular, because British/Indian tabla-tronica master (and frequent Bjork-poker) Talvin Singh even wrote a song about it... a SCARY song...

Talvin Singh - Vikram The Vampire (ysi)

Muahahahahaha! Ah, never mind. Good track though. Have fun trick or treating tonight... but don't take any candy from the weird couple on the corner. It's full of rat poison... or was it nougat... either way, yuck.

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