23 April 2008

The return of the good-good

All righty, then! Blog-achella is completed, and we now return you to your regularly scheduled programming... which around here is nothing but great music. And I'm gonna begin the return to normalcy with a song I've been dying to share here since Raul Campos dropped it on his show a couple weeks ago...

Thief is a collaboration between a singer/songwriter dude and a couple of the bros from Jazzanova. Now, the cats at Sonar Kollektiv have taken to calling it Nu-Folk, a term I will admit I'm not too comfortable with... cuz, ya know Folk="Kumbaya" and shit... campfires... hippies... (shivers down spine)... so, lets agree not to call it that, and just call it an incredible song...

Thief - Sunchild (ysi)

Just makes ya all warm and fuzzy, don't it? Aw, crap... hippie term! (more shivers)

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