29 July 2008

Afrobeat - keep it in the family

You may have heard we had a little earthquake in L.A. today... it was pretty wild, probably the biggest I've felt since I've lived here. But you know what they say... it's all fun and games 'til you're buried in a pile of rubble...

Just when you think it's safe to fuck with the people of Nigeria, there's another Kuti in town and he's predictably pissed. Yep, Fela's youngest son Seun Kuti has hit the scene, releasing his debut album with Dad's old band, Egypt '80 (which worked out pretty well for them... I heard somewhere that they had been recently seen as the backing band on the Vanilla Ice/Snow "2 White 2 Strong" comeback tour, although I haven't been able to confirm that rumor) Anyhoo, whereas Femi Kuti took Fela's sound and smoothed it out a little (not a lot, but a little), Seun is bringing the serious old-school heat on this record. He's got that deep voice, he's funky as all get-out, the songs are 10 minutes long and the horn charts will melt your face...

Seun Kuti & Egypt '80 - Don't Give That Shit To Me (ysi)

I have no intention of bringing that shit anywhere in Seun Kuti's general direction, because I do not want to end up with a saxophone broken over my head... just sayin', dude sounds like he means business... just like his dad.

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