02 July 2008

Everyone loves monkeys!

Or at least they should. Monkeys are funny.

I will always give bonus points to anyone who names their musical project or album after a monkey, so Mr. Simon Green aka Bonobo was in good standing with me before I even took the plastic off his Dial "M" For Monkey CD. Then he got many more bonus points for being really good at music. And while his most recent, Days To Come, is somewhat short on the monkey references, it makes up for it with several appearances by the mysterious and sultry vocalist Bajka. The gal has a smoky voice that makes everything sound dark and sexy. Man, I'm rocking a lot of adjectives today. I'm descriptive as fuck, yo! Anyhoo, take this sample of how this downtempo goodness is no mere monkey business...

Bonobo - Between The Lines (feat. Bajka) (ysi)

Bonobo have been rockin' it as a live band, too... and as you can see in the following clip, the boys are quite the fashion plates...

Okay, okay, so it's not about fashion. But seriously, they look like they went straight from the clearance rack at Ross onto the stage. Good thing they can play.

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