19 May 2009

Cannonball Fun

Get ready for some serious academic throwdown here folks. No blowjob jokes today...

I'm finally getting the feeling that I've listened to enough jazz to actually be able to form opinions on who I like. I know that might sound weird, but I think with instrumental music it takes time. One saxamaphone kinda sounds just like another saxamaphone, ya dig? The average listener... hell, the above-average listener... isn't going to be analyzing different jazz players based on their chord choices or note patterns of whateverthefuck... leave that to the music professors. Nah, I think the key for someone like me or you is that once you hear a body of work, only then can you say, okay, I like this dude more than this other dude. So therefore, now I believe I can say, after listening to a nice amount of his body of work, that Cannonball Adderley is one of my favorites. He went from playing with Miles on "Kind of Blue" to "Cannonball's Bossa Nova" to getting very, very funky in the '70s... although he didn't get nearly as experimental. Which is probably a good thing, because sometimes you need some crazy shit and sometimes you just need some funky shit...

Cannonball Adderley - Hummin' (ysi)

Although if you wanna hear Cannonball get weird, I got two words for you "Soul Zodiac"... that's some out there shit, but I guess that's for another blog... but anyways, get to the guy with the badass nickname. His saxamaphoning is a bit better than some of the other ones... and no, I would not be confused with any music professor, now would I?

Okay, one blowjob joke:

A guy walks into the bar and orders 9 shots of tequilia. So the bartender pours nine shots and the man downs one after the other.

"Holy shit!" the bartender exclaimes "That the most tequila I've ever seen anyone drink that fast before - whats the occassion?"

"My first blow job" the man anounces quite plainly.

"Well" the bartender replies "let me buy you another!"

"Listen, if 9 doesn't take the taste out of my mouth, another one won't help."


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